Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trifonic - Emergence

       A duo of two brothers, Brian and Laurence Trifon, coming together in a mutual collaboration of musical talent reveals an album which enables you to simultaneously melt into dreamy comatose while being pricked up with goosebumps by music that is expressive and chillingly sleek.

       Trifonic's debut album, Emergence, provides the listener with a range of well executed ideas and examples of the two brothers' unique and varied uses of electronic styles, all wrapped up with an air tight level of production that only enhances the experience.

       Beginning with the title track, Emergence, the stage is set for an album that absorbs the listener in fluid arrangement.  The heavy use of soundscapes composed of ambient drone and instrumental ground chords provides a perfect backdrop to allow someone to feel utterly immersed.  As the album progresses, a feeling of floating through a singular train of thought occurs, undulating and vibrating the senses as one passes through various stages in it's progression.  The music in the foreground provides the pulsating waves that move my senses back and forth to different concepts and ideas.  Here and there, a particular motif or phrase made of either electric or acoustic components will dominate, and be guided through the fluid of ambient backdrop.

       Bearing all of this in mind, another aspect of the album comes into play as Broken, the second track, begins, being the deliciously appropriate and almost fated companionship between the flow of music and vocalist.  The smooth timbre and almost sedated expression of the female vocalist provides another splash of rich and warm color to the slowly shifting sea of tones and hues created by the music.

       With regards to subject matter and overall mood of the album, the music is aimed at providing an idea that is not necessarily downright dark in and of itself, but in a sense, solemn and introspective.  The music, using a great deal of down tempo and ethereal rhythms and chords, seems to lack any sort of pulse beyond the resting heart rate of an average human being, and throughout, provides a sensation of falling into a trance-like and almost sleepy stupor.

       The album seems to reach a climax with the track Sooner or Later, which takes on a somewhat invigorated pace compared to the previous songs leading up to it.  From the get go, a more solid and tangible song structure grasps your attention, being driven primarily by the stunning blend of vocal and instrumental talent that the listener has already been acquainted with.  Another interesting aspect to this song, which just makes it all the more memorable is the increased variation on vocal style.  A notable hopping around in register and the use of leaping voice breaks during the chorus give this song an entirely unique personality within the album.

       As a whole, Trifonic seems to hit their mark with Emergence.  The album's crisp sound production and arrangement provide an entrancing and enveloping experience that provides nothing less than a soothing catharsis.

- Dragon Zlayer

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